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Ekaterina Kubatina

Photographer, designer


Who am I? What areas in society life I like to contribute to? What I do for a living? What are my dream projects?

Here are few words about my professional experience, education, and hobbies.

Ekaterina Kubatina

Photographer, designer

Who am I? What areas in society life I like to contribute to? What I do for a living? What are my dream projects?

Here are few words about my professional experience, education, and hobbies.


About me


I love photography, bicycles, design, good food and travel.

Personality tests show that I'm most likely: ISTJ (by Myers-Briggs) and D:-5, I:-5, S:6, C:4 (by DISC). These characteristics feel quite true. I show my love through consistency, loyalty and actions rather than bright emotions, flowers and words. Emotions could be strong, but are kept inside and self-reflected later. On the surface, act as a very rational person. Tend to build long-term professional and personal relationships. I use empathy, apply an attentive listening in communications. Asking many questions to get to know the person and the result we are going to get, to help get things done as needed as efficient as it could be done.

Looking forward to meeting diverse, talented, interesting people.

For keeping track of deadlines and efficiency gain, as well as to be on time to meetings, I use Google calendar and Notion, both in personal life and work. Focus more on being a team member rather than on leadership position. I can step into a leadership position for a small period of time if I can improve the situation, and my interference in the process would be for the better. I like to share my knowledge and skills. Yes, I'm more comfortable and satisfied to act as a teacher and a coach from time to time.

As of goals and ambitions: planning to launch a «Basic Things to Know Before You Start in Stock Photography» teaching guide. Publish a book with stories and photos from my travels.

Work Experience

  • Contributing Photographer to Adobe Stock, Getty Images, Shutterstock, 123rf, Freepik

    2018 − 20...
    Fully equipped to work as a photographer and a designer from day one. Workflow tools that stay beside me at all times:
    • Laptop with a touch screen and a stylus • Full-frame DSLR-camera • 24-70 mm Lens • Tripod with an extension arm • Speedlight flashes • Set of soft boxes and reflectors

  • Website manager / Designer / Photographer

    2017 − 2018
    at Culinary Studio Clever
    • Partaken three roles (myself initiated) in a small business company team of 15 employees. • Launched 3 websites. Participated in re-branding and guided new photographers. • Created multiple designs for Culinary Studio Clever and for two additional affiliated businesses (coffee points and loft spaces).

  • Graphic designer / Photographer

    2014 − 2016
    • As a freelance event-photographer held over 60 event-photoshoots and got published in an Event-Forum article, was invited to work on EuBea 2016 in St. Petersburg (material continues to get published — article of March 2022), DMC2016 (Digital Marketing Conference) by the Grape agency, and few other publications

  • Marketing manager

    2012 − 2014
    ASBIS Russia
    • Cooperated with the following brands head offices: Microsoft, Prestigio, McAfee, AVG, Canyon to implement their marketing goals. • Worked with 2 marketing budgets. Planned and managed marketing activities (per periods Y, H, Q, W). Arranged more than 25 BTL activities for 2 brands in 2 years. • Data analysis done on weekly basis (it4profit, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics). Part-time managed SMM activities of 2 brands (AVG, Prestigio).

  • Software Partner Account Manager

    2011 − 2012
    • Been responsible for Microsoft marketing contracts updated. • Planned and managed marketing activities (per periods Y, H, Q, W). • Managed Microsoft TechEd’11 conference registration and ticketing process. • Sale Data analysis collected and forwarded to Seniors on weekly basis. • Worked in Microsoft Co-op CHIP, MPN, Pinpoint

  • Software sales

    2008 − 2011
    • customer consulting • negotiating contracts with new customers; as well as with vendors (suppliers) of rare & specific software • purchase processing • e-logistics • tracking of payments (incoming and outgoing) • conducted training sessions for sales managers and regional representatives via webinars and offline seminars • inventory of promotional marketing materials • helped PR-team to select content for news digests, promo flyers, invitation booklets, etc.

  • Junior Marketing specialist

    2007 − 2008
    • administrated two of the company's corporate sites, kept them updated daily with the content (software news, special offers, pricing changes, e-mailing twice a month) • draw a bunch of banners and graphic elements for promo campaigns • SEO-optimization • worked with the print shop to produce needed printed materials • collected statistics of customer activities and feedback (those were B2B websites) • helped organize participation in the annual exhibition for anti-virus software and info security companies • done photo-reportages from business events


  • Português A1

  • English C2 Proficient

    EF SET, English CEFR Certificate 50 min
    Open certificate
  • Web design and layouts of websites

    2014 − 2018
    Сoursera, Geek Brains,
  • Graphic Design

    2010 − 2016
    Сoursera, Geek Brains,
  • Licensing of software products

    2009 − 2014
    Обучение в компаниях: Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, ABBYY, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, ESET лицензированию их продуктов.
  • School of Economics

    2008 − 2012
    State Institute
  • Printing Technologies

    2007 − 2008
    Institute (I. Fyodorov Moscow State University)
  • English, C1 level

    2004 − 2007
    State courses «In-YaZ» est. in 1929
  • Marketing and advertising

    2004 − 2007
    Technical College



In a free time, you'll find me riding a bicycle, taking a walk listening to YouTube, podcasts, audiobooks. Mostly consuming all the content in English (~90%).

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