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Катерина Кубатина

Фотограф, дизайнер


Здесь подробнее обо мне. Кто я?
О моем профессиональном опыте, учебе и увлечениях.

Катерина Кубатина

Фотограф, дизайнер

Здесь подробнее обо мне. Кто я?
О моем профессиональном опыте, учебе и увлечениях.

Карьера и опыт

  • Contributing Photographer to Adobe Stock, Getty Images, Shutterstock, 123rf, Freepik

    2018 − 20...
    Fully equipped to work as a photographer and a designer from day one. Workflow tools that stay beside me at all times:
    • Laptop with a touch screen and a stylus • Full-frame DSLR-camera • 24-70 mm Lens • Tripod with an extension arm • Speedlight flashes • Set of soft boxes and reflectors

  • Website manager / Designer / Photographer

    2017 − 2018
    at Culinary Studio Clever
    • Partaken three roles (myself initiated) in a small business company team of 15 employees. • Launched 3 websites. Participated in re-branding and guided new photographers. • Created multiple designs for Culinary Studio Clever and for two additional affiliated businesses (coffee points and loft spaces).

  • Graphic designer / Photographer

    2014 − 2016
    • As a freelance event-photographer held over 60 event-photoshoots and got published in an Event-Forum article, was invited to work on EuBea 2016 in St. Petersburg (material continues to get published — article of March 2022), DMC2016 (Digital Marketing Conference) by the Grape agency, and few other publications

  • Marketing manager

    2012 − 2014
    ASBIS Russia
    • Cooperated with the following brands head offices: Microsoft, Prestigio, McAfee, AVG, Canyon to implement their marketing goals. • Worked with 2 marketing budgets. Planned and managed marketing activities (per periods Y, H, Q, W). Arranged more than 25 BTL activities for 2 brands in 2 years. • Data analysis done on weekly basis (it4profit, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics). Part-time managed SMM activities of 2 brands (AVG, Prestigio).

  • Software Partner Account Manager

    2011 − 2012
    • Been responsible for Microsoft marketing contracts updated. • Planned and managed marketing activities (per periods Y, H, Q, W). • Managed Microsoft TechEd’11 conference registration and ticketing process. • Sale Data analysis collected and forwarded to Seniors on weekly basis. • Worked in Microsoft Co-op CHIP, MPN, Pinpoint

  • Software sales

    2008 − 2011
    • customer consulting • negotiating contracts with new customers; as well as with vendors (suppliers) of rare & specific software • purchase processing • e-logistics • tracking of payments (incoming and outgoing) • conducted training sessions for sales managers and regional representatives via webinars and offline seminars • inventory of promotional marketing materials • helped PR-team to select content for news digests, promo flyers, invitation booklets, etc.

  • Junior Marketing specialist

    2007 − 2008
    • administrated two of the company's corporate sites, kept them updated daily with the content (software news, special offers, pricing changes, e-mailing twice a month) • draw a bunch of banners and graphic elements for promo campaigns • SEO-optimization • worked with the print shop to produce needed printed materials • collected statistics of customer activities and feedback (those were B2B websites) • helped organize participation in the annual exhibition for anti-virus software and info security companies • done photo-reportages from business events


  • Português A1

  • English C2 Proficient

    EF SET, English CEFR Certificate 50 min
    Open certificate
  • Веб-дизайн и верстка сайтов

    2014 − 2018
    Сoursera, Geek Brains, Lynda.com
  • Графический дизайн

    2010 − 2016
    Сoursera, Geek Brains, Lynda.com
  • Лицензирование программных продуктов

    2009 − 2014
    Обучение в компаниях: Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, ABBYY, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, ESET лицензированию их продуктов.
  • Экономический факультет

    2008 − 2012
  • Технологии печати

    2007 − 2008
    Институт (МГУП им. И. Фёдорова)
  • Английский, С1 уровень

    2004 − 2007
    Госкурсы Ин-Яз осн. в 1929
  • Маркетинг и реклама

    2004 − 2007



В свободное время, предпочитаю ездить на велосипеде или прогуливаться и слушать образовательные подкасты, YouTube, аудиокниги. Большую часть контента потребляю на английском языке (~90%). Изучаю португальский.

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